Shiners News · REMINDER: Virtual Cheer Tryouts Due June 4th


We will be having virtual tryouts in June for anyone that will be in high school next year (this includes current 8th graders). All try out information will be posted in our Band Group- Rising Sun HS Cheerleaders. Please contact one of the cheer coaches to be added to that group.

Try out videos must be uploaded by 9 pm Thursday, June 4th. Kalyn, Heather, and 2 other outside judges will score the videos and we will have the results sent out by Monday, June 8th. We will be sending out more information on try outs as soon as we have it together.  (If you participated in a sport this past school year, then your physical is good for the next school year (as long as you don’t have an underlying condition). If you do not have a physical on file at the school, then you will need one before you can try out. )

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding virtual try outs. All information will be posted on the BAND app, if you are not a part of that group, please contact a coach to be added. If you have an issue getting that app, please let one of the coaches know asap and we will figure out another option. Please share this information with anyone that would like to try out and have them contact one of us.


Heather Cook ( and Kalyn Grubbs (