Shiners News · Shiners Get Six with Double Hat Tricks

South Ripley                    2

Rising Sun                      6

Rising Sun now (7-5-3) conference (6-3-2)

1st half


  • South Ripley 6, 4 on goal
  • Rising Sun 9, 5 on goal
  • 24:51 – South Ripley Zach Gentile
  • 17:45 – Rising Sun Kendall Montgomery assisted by Dylan Martin
  • 9:42 – Rising Sun  Landon Cole assisted by Kendall Montgomery

2nd half


  • South Ripley 6, 5 on goal
  • Rising Sun 16, 10 on goal
  • 32:16 – Rising Sun Landon Cole
  • 30:44 – South Ripley Dillon Binion
  • 11:30 – Rising Sun Landon Cole
  • 10:55 – Rising Sun Kendall Montgomery
  • 4:38 – Rising Sun Kendall Montgomery


  • Jordan Parsons had 7 saves.

After the halfway point of the season we have more games than practices, which makes it hard to make too many changes.  I thought we needed to do better controlling the middle of the field so we made a few adjustments to the formation, and that we would just need to play through it.  It took us a while to settle in, and unfortunately give up a goal in the process but after 20 minutes we started to take control of the game.  Even though we tried to have a defensive formation the offense woke up as both Landon Cole and Kendall Montgomery scored three goals each.  We probably had our most fluid half possessing and passing the ball as everyone seemed to become involved in the offense.