Shiners News · Rising Sun at 4-way track meet at Madison

On April 10th, the Rising Sun track team participated in a 4-way meet at Madison.  The Rising Sun Boys and Girls track teams finish 3rd

Individual Rising Sun Girl Results:                                                                                             

3200m relay- (Davis, Turner, White Baker finished 3rd

Shot Put- Riley Chipman finished 1st place

100m Hurdles- Keira Mann finished 5th

100m Dash- Kinsey Price finished 2nd and Ashlee Turner finished 4th

Long Jump- Ashlee Turner finished 4th

400m relay- Price, Mann, Baker, Chipman finished 3rd

400m Dash- Kinsey Price finished 2nd

300 Hurdles- Skylar Durham finished 5th

1600m relay- Durham, Turner, White, Davis finished 3rd

Individual Rising Sun Boys Results

110m Hurdles-  Daniel Daugherty finished 1st and Jake Scott finished 3rd

Discus- Kaden Kittle finished 5th

100m Dash- Zander Gilb finished 4th

1600m Run- Trevor Levi finished 2nd

400m Run-  Gavyn Pater finished 5th

High Jump- Daniel Daugherty finished 3rd

200m Dash- Zander Gilb finished 4th

3200m Run- Trevor Levi finished 1st

1600m Relay- Cercer, Daugherty, Scott, Gilb finished 3rd